Linking & Unlinking (a.k.a - Know Your Rights)

Linking & Unlinking is a single-channel video initially designed for a 30ft video billboard in New York City. The video combines 3 different source materials: found footage demonstrating how to pick a pair of handcuffs; found footage of professional and amateur magicians performing the classic magic trick, "the linking rings" (a.k.a. "ninja rings"); and, a rolling text of "Know Your Rights" information from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Combining practical know-how, legal guidance, and a magical performance, Linking & Unlinking simultaneously - and somewhat paradoxically - serves as a public service announcement, a DIY course in self-liberation, and a fascination with the competing illusions of liberty and law.

Thanks to all those who posted the source material used in this video.

*Please Note: there is currently no audio since this was originally designed for a public video billboard.